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  • MON: 7AM–7PM
  • TUE: 7AM–7PM
  • WED: 7AM–7PM
  • THU: 7AM–7PM
  • FRI: 8AM–2PM
  • SAT: 8AM-2PM (not every Saturday)

Dr. Brent Barta's team

Dr. Barta’s Team

Left to Right: Lisa Marie, Elaina, Kim, Jessica, Dr. Barta

Dr. Bowling's team

Dr. Bowling’s Team

Left to Right: Sabrina, Jachelle, Dr. Bowling, Janee, Sandra

Dr. Frank's Team

Dr. Frank’s Team

Left to Right: Kim, Dr. Frank, Jessica

Dr Rapp's Team

Dr. Rapp’s Team

Left to Right: Clarissa, Dr. Rapp, Daminek

Dr. Rochman's Team

Dr. Rochman’s Team

Left to Right: Melissa, Dr. Rochman

Dr. Sullivan's Team

Dr. Sullivan’s Team

Left to Right: Akeem, Clarissa, Dr. Sullivan, Brittany, Jenny

Dr. Treat's Team

Dr. Treat’s Team

Left to Right: Clarissa, Dr. Treat, Elaina, Akeem

Accounts Receivable Team

Accounts Receivable Team

Left to Right Taylor, Leeann, Lisa


Coordinator Team

Back row: Left to Right: Kim, Clarissa, Vanity, Jenny, Catrina
Front row Left to Right: Sandra, Sierra

HR team

Human Resources Team


Hygiene Team

Hygiene Team

Left to Right: Judy, Kelly, Catrina, Mandy
Front Row: Jackie and Ashley

Oral Surgery Team

Left to Right – Trish, Chelsay, Nicole, Elizabeth

Pediatrics Team

Pediatric Team

Left to Right: Jessie, Daisy, Kiara, Sierra, Shelley, Deanna, Kathleen

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