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When you have damaged or missing teeth, you may often wonder, “How does this look to others?” This ongoing concern may cause you to lose your self-confidence. But you can reclaim it and a lot more with dental crowns and dental bridges. Both are affordable, customizable ways to make your smile whole and healthy again. Essentially artificial teeth, dental crowns and bridges match the color of neighboring teeth for a natural-looking smile. The acclaimed multispecialty team at West 10th Dental Group has decades of collective expertise in key restorative treatments including dental crowns in Indianapolis, IN.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns replace the above-the-gums portion of your teeth after it’s been weakened by trauma or decay, you’ve undergone a root canal, or you’ve received dental implants. In the case of damage or a root canal, a new crown may be all you need to finish off your treatment. Constructed of durable materials, dental crowns or “caps” withstand all normal dental functions and will remain firmly in place after a pain-free attachment process. They fulfill a variety of vital purposes:

  • Repairing broken or cracked teeth
  • Cover discolored or poorly shaped teeth
  • Fortifying teeth after a root canal
  • Rehabilitating worn or brittle teeth
  • Contributing to a smile makeover

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are basically rows of dental crowns that span or “bridge” the space left by teeth that have fallen out or been extracted. When one or more teeth are lost, your remaining teeth can drift from their proper positions. This can cause a multitude of problems: jaw pain, headaches, increased vulnerability to tooth decay and gum disease, and undesirable cosmetic effects. Dental bridges may be your solution. We trim some enamel from the healthy teeth at each side of the gap so they can anchor the bridge. With it in place, you’ll have a full smile and full chewing power again. If you’ve become accustomed to eating on one side of your mouth, you can get used to normal, effortless eating again! Dental bridges provide substantial benefits:

  • Restoring lost teeth
  • Protecting neighboring healthy teeth
  • Supplying a strong, aligned bite
  • Adding to a smile makeover
  • Restoring dental implants
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