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Teeth Whitening

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Finding your beautiful smile!

At West 10th Dental Group, we have found that most patients can achieve a brighter more youthful smile through bleaching! Because dental enamel is porous and can absorb materials from food, drink, and tobacco, teeth will naturally become darker as we age. To turn back the clock, dental bleaching has become a common and popular procedure. Many years ago, it was found that teeth could be lightened by chemically treating the stained enamel with an oxidizing compound. Under controlled conditions, teeth were significantly lightened and no adverse effects occurred. Tooth bleaching became a routine procedure found first in the dental office, in homes, and even on late night infomercials! Because all bleaching methods rely on an oxidizing chemical, the peroxide ion, it is important that bleaching is restricted to a healthy mouth without decay or periodontal disease. Different methods do produce different levels of bleaching. A more customized approach will generally produce a greater result. With many products and methods available today, the dental professionals at West 10th Dental Group can suggest an approach to fit your needs and budget!