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Missing Teeth? Try This Time-Tested Solution

Dentures Are Better Than Ever

When you’re missing teeth, you’re also missing out on full enjoyment of meals, conversations, and life in general. Of all the teeth replacement options out there, dentures have been around the longest. And they’re still in wide use today for a very good reason: they work! Dentures reliably deliver the function and appearance of real teeth. What’s more, the technology has evolved so that dentures are now more customizable and natural-looking than ever—and can last up to 20 years. The renowned multispecialty team here at West 10th Dental Group has decades of combined experience restoring happy smiles with dentures in Indianapolis, IN.

What Dentures Give You

  • Return your complete, attractive smile
  • Allow you to enjoy a more satisfying selection of foods
  • Enable you to speak and laugh without worry or discomfort
  • Save you money on some teeth replacement options
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Customized Dentures You Can Count On

Whether you have a few missing teeth, or all of them are gone, dentures can give you a complete smile again. With some healthy teeth still in your mouth, you can reclaim a full smile with partial dentures, or partials, as they’re also known. These will eliminate any gaps resulting from missing teeth and stop your healthy teeth from shifting out of place. If you’ve been left edentulous (toothless) as a result of decay, oral trauma, or hereditary factors, full dentures will equip you with a fully functional, custom-fabricated set of teeth that fit easily onto your gums.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Getting used to a denture may take a few weeks and may feel a little awkward or bulky at first. You may notice an increase in saliva flow or some differences in speech. Sometimes, the denture puts too much pressure on areas of the mouth, causing minor soreness. This is generally fixable with a short visit for an adjustment. Denture patients should have an annual checkup with us. During this visit, we thoroughly clean the gums and make sure everything is maintained properly.

Although you will not need to clean your denture after every meal, it is important to remove and clean your denture daily. Use a toothbrush and cleaning solution made for dentures. When brushing your denture, it’s a good idea to do so over a sink full of water or a folded towel. This will provide a soft cushion should you accidentally drop it. We’ll provide specific instructions to keep you as comfortable as possible including our recommendation for the best care products for your new teeth.

Secure Your Dentures

Another denture solution incorporates some of the best features of both dentures and dental implants. We secure implant supported dentures to your jaw with implants to provide additional stability, helping you avoid embarrassing incidents and gum irritation. They don’t rely on suction or adhesives. Implant supported dentures can make you feel more secure during meals and conversations. The implants ensure that they won’t slip out of place. While implant supported dentures benefit from implant technology, the top replacement option for edentulousness is full mouth dental implants. They can provide a lifetime of beauty and performance with proper care!

Let’s Discuss Your Denture Options!

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