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If you’ve lost all of your teeth, or essentially have because the few remaining ones are unhealthy, your challenges can seem insurmountable. After all, your teeth are the foundation of so many of the things you do every day: eating, speaking, laughing, smiling. At West 10th Dental Group we can provide you with a number of ways to reclaim that full, healthy smile. Tired of eating soft foods all the time? Had enough of feeling embarrassed, or making those around you feel embarrassed? Ready to speak smoothly and clearly again? Talk to us about same-day full mouth dental implants in Indianapolis, IN.

As a multispecialty practice, West 10th Dental Group is proud to have on-staff specialists including an oral surgeon and a periodontist as well as general dentists on our team. With well over a century of collective experience in addition to extensive training in dental implants, there’s no team better prepared to restore all of your teeth or your quality of life. We accept even the most complex of cases and welcome those with preexisting conditions, everyone deserves a healthy and functional smile. We can help you enjoy all of the things you used to and elevate your confidence to new heights. Recapturing your complete smile is key and we can do it all in one day.

Dr. Barta Talks about finding a Full Arch Option that will Work for You.

Our Full Mouth Solutions

If you’re still exploring your options, we offer a comprehensive list of them. Dentures are a time-tested, cost-effective tooth replacement option. These adhere directly to your gums through suction or with an adhesive gel. Dentures can shift, causing embarrassment and gum irritation. Upper dentures usually include a partial false palate which can aid in stability but also diminish the taste and tactile sensations of food in your mouth. Implant supported dentures provide greater stability and fewer limitations. Combining the features of dentures and dental implants, implant supported dentures are affixed to your jaw with implants. They won’t slip out of place or affect your enjoyment of food.

Our preferred way of treating total tooth loss is full mouth dental implants. If you’re a candidate—and most of our patients are—you won’t find a more comfortable, natural-looking or longer-lasting choice. Dental implants never develop cavities and retain their original color throughout their lifespan. Take care of them and they’ll do the same for you for many years! Receiving full mouth dental implants can take just one day of treatment, after which your life will never be the same again.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Three Steps

Step 1: Personalized Consultation and Placement Planning
Your personalized consultation is where we get to know you and learn your smile goals. We understand what you’ve been going through, and we know how to bring about the change you desire. With a team of in-house specialists, we can treat even the most complex tooth loss cases. We’ll conduct a thorough examination to assess your current dental health. This includes taking images of your mouth with our in-house cone beam CT scanner (CBCT). This equipment takes just seconds to render high-resolution 3D images and operates with a fraction of the radiation of most conventional CT machines. The information we gather will allow us to start planning for your implant placement. Customized surgical guides are a key part of what makes the implant placement process successful. These are created specifically for you and empower us to complete implant placement quickly and with great accuracy. In addition, technology provided by the guide manufacturer enables us to do a virtual placement procedure to see the results beforehand. The manufacturer will use our imaging and virtual placement data to fabricate your surgical guides for your next visit.
Step 2: New Teeth in One Day!
When you return for full mouth dental implant placement, our first concern is to make you comfortable with one or a combination of sedation options. Although only local anesthetic is necessary, our on-staff oral surgeon is certified to administer IV sedation if you’d prefer it. Your procedure will be pain-free, and you won’t remember any of it. After you’re sedated, we’ll do any necessary preliminary treatments, which may include tooth extractions and/or bone grafting to make your jaw strong enough to support implants, before proceeding with the placement process. We begin placement by putting your customized surgical guides over your gums. Strategically placed holes within the guides show us exactly where to position the screw-like implants. We insert quality Keystone implants—the minimum number possible for a secure fit—through these holes at a predetermined angle and depth. Following this, we use an advanced healing technique called guided tissue regeneration to promote smooth healing for both the jawbone and gum tissue. Lastly, we attach temporary new teeth to your implants. With those in, you can begin to enjoy having a complete smile with all its function almost immediately!
Step 3: Osseointegration and Final Restoration
After your implant placement procedure, the insertion areas usually take an average of four months to heal completely. During that period your implants will permanently meld with your jawbone—a process called osseointegration. You will be able to eat and speak comfortably during your healing phase. When your implants sites have fully healed, you’ll return to our office to receive your final restorations. Constructed of highly durable and natural-looking zirconia, these are made to fit your mouth and completely restore your dental function and esthetics. With them you’ll be free to laugh, smile, speak, and eat without worrying ever again!
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A Transformation You Can Afford

We transform lives with full mouth dental implants in Indianapolis, IN on a daily basis. Patients rediscover the basic joys of life and new levels of confidence after receiving them. The price for implants varies based on several factors, but no matter the cost, you’ll find them priceless. To enable you to enjoy their invaluable benefits, we’ve enlisted some leading third-party financing companies to provide you with flexible payment options. Our entire team accepts most dental insurance and we can also offer you a monthly in-house plan if you don’t currently have insurance. We can address all your payment concerns during that initial consultation!

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