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As a multispecialty practice with a team of specialists and general dentists on staff, we’re prepared to provide a lifetime of reliable dental care to your entire family. That’s everyone from young children to senior citizens. More than a broad range of patients, we cover a range of services that prevent and treat all dental conditions. Our aim is always to protect your dental health through ongoing visits and early detection of potential problems. If you need routine care or develop a complex dental issue, remember West 10th Dental Group, your home for general dentistry in Indianapolis, IN.

Select General Dentistry Treatments

Preventive Dentistry
Our comprehensive dental services include foundational care such as regular cleanings, check-ups, and exams to protect both your oral health and your overall health. We not only look for cavities and gum disease but also potential signs of serious medical conditions. With fluoride treatments and sealants, we can help protect and strengthen the teeth of our youngest patients against decay. Our goal with these treatments is to prevent you from ever developing more advanced, painful conditions.
Pediatric Dentistry
At West 10th Dental Group we’re parents as well as dental professionals. We realize that the sights, sounds, and experiences of a dental office can frighten some children, and we do our best to make our youngest patients comfortable. Our approach to pediatric dentistry is gentle, compassionate, and reassuring. We’ll help your children feel calm and secure during each appointment, whether it’s a routine check-up or something else.
Crowns and Bridges
If your teeth have grown weak on the outside, or you’ve lost some, we can give you a strong, fully functional smile again with Dental crowns . Crowns put a new top on your teeth—why they’re sometimes called caps—to reinforce them after external damage. With one or more adjacent missing teeth, we can provide bridges, which are rows of crowns permanently attached to each other. We connect the crown at each end of the bridge to a healthy tooth; the other crowns fill in the space of missing teeth. Crowns and bridges fit comfortably and match your smile esthetics.
Composite Fillings
Composite fillings are a metal-free type of filling that fortify your teeth and also protect your smile esthetics. While metal fillings can show through your tooth enamel, composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings or white fillings, are made to complement the shade of your teeth for a seamless look. No one will know you ever had a cavity!
Inlays and Onlays
Inlays and onlays are like fillings that we use to repair and strengthen the outside of your teeth, not the inside. In many cases we can use these instead of placing new crowns on your teeth. We’re able to customize them to match the size, shape, and color of the teeth, too. Inlays restore the middle of the top surface of your tooth while onlays can cover a larger area including one or more cusps.
Occlusal Adjustment
When your top and bottom arches of teeth are out of alignment, you may develop speech difficulties and recurring headaches. If the condition is not addressed, your teeth can become worn-down and broken. We can often realign your teeth simply by filing down and reshaping the enamel of select teeth.
Teeth Grinding/Bruxism
Bruxism, a condition marked by grinding and clenching your teeth, can be an issue whether you’re awake or asleep. No matter when you may grind your teeth, you can end up with a damaged smile and headaches. We can help you overcome this condition with a customized mouthguard you wear during sleep or during the day at times when you’re likely to grind your teeth.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental care shouldn’t just make your teeth feel good—it should make you feel good about how your smile looks. With our broad selection of cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can make your smile several shades whiter, conceal many types of dental flaws, straighten and even reshape uneven teeth for a consistent look. We offer all these services individually or as part of a total smile makeover!

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