Multiple Dental Implants - Indianapolis, IN

Too Much Space in Your Smile?

Be Gap-Free Again

When you’ve lost teeth, you may become self-conscious about eating, speaking, and smiling around others. The good news is that you have several ways you can reclaim a full smile. Many patients find bridges an acceptable option. With bridges you typically lose some enamel from healthy teeth, as the bridges are anchored on the teeth at both sides of a gap. This will look fairly natural, but the jawbone underneath will begin to deteriorate without the stimulation of tooth roots. For maximum stability, complete function, and a healthy jawline, we recommend dental implants in Indianapolis, IN for missing teeth.

A multispecialty practice, West 10th Dental Group has an oral surgeon, a periodontist, and other specialists in addition to a team of general dentists on staff. Between us, we have decades of experience and extensive training with dental implants. We can offer comprehensive implant care—from services that help you qualify for them to placement and restoration—in one location. What’s more, we can often provide all of them during one appointment. We’re equipped with advanced technology that makes dental implant treatment faster and more precise. From exceptional qualifications to the latest dental equipment and techniques, we have it all.

How Dental Implants Improve Your Life

  • Give you back a full set of teeth in one day
  • Keep your smile healthy for many years
  • Replace self-consciousness with self-confidence
  • Allow you to eat, speak, and smile without worry
  • Make your speech sound natural and clear
  • Enable you to enjoy your favorite foods

Three Phases to a Picture-Perfect Smile

Phase 1: Consultation, Examination, and Planning
Like most patients, you probably already qualify for dental implants. If not, you can become eligible with one or a few initial procedures (more about this in the next section). Your personalized consultation gives us a chance to get to know you and determine your course of treatment. There we do a full examination, which includes capturing 3D images of your mouth using our in-house cone beam CT (CBCT) equipment. This process takes just seconds and uses a fraction of the radiation output of most conventional CT scanners. Once we’ve gathered the information we need, we can begin preparing for your placement procedure. Your customized surgical guides are critical for a successful placement. Created to the specifications of your mouth, your guides enable us to place your implants at the precise location, depth, and angle for a comfortable, lasting fit. Using technology from the guide manufacturer we can perform the placement virtually before the real procedure in order to see the results in advance. We then send all of this information to the manufacturer, which will produce your guides for your surgical visit.
Phase 2: Placement and Temporary Restoration
At your implant placement appointment, our top priority is to ensure you’re comfortable. We achieve this through one or a combination of our sedation options. Only local anesthetic is necessary, however, if you’d prefer something more, our in-house oral surgeon is licensed to provide IV sedation—a powerful sedative that puts you into a sleeplike state. You won’t feel anything, nor will you remember your procedure. Once you’re sedated, we’ll perform any required treatments, e.g., bone grafting to reestablish your bone volume and strength, tooth extractions to make room for implants, or gum disease treatment to restore the protective barrier for your teeth. Continuing with the placement process, our team puts your customized surgical guides on top of your gums. These guides have holes that indicate exactly where we’ll place the implants. We insert the screw-like implants—supplied by leading manufacturer Keystone—through the holes and into your jawbone. Afterward, we employ guided tissue regeneration, an advanced healing technique, to facilitate the healing process. Finally, we place temporary crowns or bridges on your implants. You’ll leave our office with a full set of teeth and be able to enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling again soon after!
Phase 3: Recuperation and Final Restoration
Following implant placement, your surgical sites typically take an average of four months to fully heal. During that time your implants fuse permanently with your jawbone. Be assured that you’ll be able to eat and speak comfortably shortly after your procedure. Once your implants have stabilized, you’ll come back to our office for your final restorations. Made of ultra-durable zirconia, these are fabricated specifically to fit comfortably in your mouth and look natural alongside your existing teeth. With your restorations in place, you can enjoy carefree smiles, conversations, meals, and laughter for many years to come!

Implants Are Priceless

We’re changing lives with dental implants in Indianapolis, IN every day. They’re making people feel more confident. They’re allowing people to eat and speak comfortably. And they’re surprising many with their affordability. While the actual cost of dental implants is based on multiple factors, what won’t change is our commitment to providing them for you. We’ve acquired assistance from some of the country’s leading third-party financing companies to offer you flexible payment terms. Our entire team accepts most dental insurance plans and offers a monthly in-house payment plan for patients without insurance. Come discuss your pricing and payment options with us!

Don’t Settle for an Incomplete Smile

Life’s better with all your teeth!