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How to Avoid Metal Braces

Choose the Discreet Orthodontic Option

In the past, having your teeth straightened usually meant wearing highly visible metal braces for up to two years. Make no mistake—traditional braces deliver good results. But many patients consider their appearance a significant drawback. Esthetics aside, they also require rigorous maintenance.

Orthodontic innovation means you no longer have to deal with the social awkwardness and extra work that go along with metal braces. Clear braces produce the same results in as few as 12 months. Come see what they—and we—can do for you. West 10th Dental Group is your home for clear aligners in Indianapolis, IN.

Specializing in Orthodontics

A multispecialty practice, we’re fortunate and proud to have a certified orthodontist on staff. Orthodontists are verified experts in diagnosing and treating misaligned teeth. After completing four years of dental school, they must complete at least two more years in an accredited orthodontics residency program. Highly trained, credentialed, and skilled, our orthodontist has been straightening Indiana smiles for more than four decades! Who better to correct your tooth misalignment? We can provide clear aligners as a standalone treatment or as part of a smile makeover/full mouth reconstruction completed by multiple members of our team.

Why Clear Aligners?

  • Discreet teeth straightening
  • Custom-fitted clear plastic trays or aligners
  • Greater confidence during and after treatment
  • Virtually no food restrictions
  • Quick removal for meals and brushing/flossing

A Transparent Transformation

Our clear braces are so popular due to their durable, transparent plastic aligners. Traditional braces require us to affix metal brackets and wires to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. Our aligners slip on over your teeth and stay there for up to 22 hours per day. You’ll take them out only when you need to eat or to clean your teeth. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll switch to a new set of aligners at regular intervals. These will gradually move your teeth into their ideal position, giving you the beautifully straight smile you’ve been seeking!

Start on the Path to a Straight Smile

Each clear aligner is a fully customized dental appliance. We start the customization process by capturing digital impressions of your mouth with our intraoral scanner. This enables you to skip the sticky putty often required for impressions. We send your impressions to a lab that will use them to create aligners specifically for you. You’ll receive your custom aligners during your next visit and, with our guidance, you can immediately begin treatment! Ready to learn more? Schedule a consultation without delay! We’re eager to discuss clear braces and traditional braces to determine the best treatment option for you. 

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Concerned About Traditional Braces?

Let’s explore your options together.