Sedation Dentistry - INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Relaxed, Pain-Free Treatment

Dental Care Without Worry

A lot of people fear dental appointments, and for many reasons. They may have had an unpleasant experience with a dentist in the past. They may dislike the idea of sharp dental instruments. They may be worried their treatment will be painful. If any of these sound like you, we understand. That’s why we do our utmost to make each visit as calm an experience as possible for you. We have the expertise and the tools to help you overcome your dental anxiety with sedation dentistry in Indianapolis, IN.

The West 10th Dental Group is a multispecialty team of professionals trained to provide everything from routine preventive care to complex surgeries with exceptional results. With our compassionate, reassuring disposition, we’ve provided positive, fear-free appointments for countless patients from across the area. Our decades of combined experience mean you’re already in the best of hands. Add to that the considerable benefits of our sedation dentistry options and there is simply no better choice for anxiety-free dentistry.

The Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

  • Minimal to no pain during procedures
  • Decreased dental anxiety
  • Stress-free visits
  • The self-confidence to seek regular dental care
  • A decreased gag reflex

Our Practice’s Sedation Options

IV Sedation
Also known as “conscious sedation,” IV sedation is a moderate type of anesthesia that you receive through an IV line. Our in-house oral surgeon is certified to provide IV sedation to you. Once it’s administered, you’ll reach a relaxed state quickly. You technically remain conscious and can respond to your dental team throughout. However, you won’t feel any sensation and you probably won’t remember any part of your treatment. We use IV sedation when appropriate for your level of dental anxiety and the complexity of the procedure. A common example is the placement of full mouth dental implants
Oral Sedation
Oral sedation is a less powerful form of anesthesia, and we may use it when your treatment is less complex. With oral sedation, you swallow a pill prior to your treatment. The results depend on the medication we prescribe you however, you’ll remain calm and anxiety-free throughout your visit.
Nitrous Oxide
While “laughing gas” is a term many people use, nitrous oxide is the clinical name we use for this type of sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide is a gas that you inhale through a mask. It typically doesn’t cause you to laugh, but it keeps you conscious and completely calm during your treatment. Once you remove the mask the anesthetic effects will wear off quickly. You’ll be able to drive yourself home at the end of your visit.

Relax—This Won’t Hurt a Bit!

See how comfortable dental care can be.