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When you have a severely decayed or impacted tooth, your main priority becomes ending the associated tooth pain. But who will remove that rotten tooth or broken tooth is an important consideration. The best choice for having a tooth pulled is a highly trained, skilled, and experienced surgical expert. When you need oral surgery in Indianapolis, IN, think West 10th Dental Group. With an in-house oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we have a clear advantage. Many practices have to refer you to an outside surgeon.

Oral surgeons are highly qualified to perform all types of extractions. After four years of dental school, they must complete at least four additional years in a hospital-based surgical residency. That surgical and medical training has given our oral surgeon the expertise to tackle even the most complex surgical cases with exceptional results. Licensed to administer IV sedation, he can also make sure you remain pain-free and anxiety-free throughout your treatment. See what he and the rest of our team can do for you!

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General Tooth Extractions
When you have a broken tooth or rotten tooth, our first priority is to attempt to save it through root canal treatment or restorative dentistry. In some instances, your tooth may be untreatable and require oral surgery. For this procedure we always numb you and may provide more powerful anesthesia when needed. If your tooth is intact, the surgeon will tighten a pair of forceps around it and gently pull it out. Broken teeth may require more tools. When your tooth is removed, the tooth pain should subside in a few days with medication. However, you shouldn’t consider extraction the final step in your treatment. Your jawbone stays healthy in part from the stimulation that regular chewing provides. Without tooth roots, the bone can begin to recede. We offer a solution that restores the health and beauty of your smile—and can even boost your confidence. Dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. A dental implant can fill that post-extraction gap in your smile for good. With a team extensively trained in dental implants, we can place and restore your new tooth or teeth the same day as your extraction!
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (3rd Molar Removal)
Wisdom teeth usually begin to emerge during our late teens. They can be a valuable asset when they are healthy and properly positioned. For many patients, though, they don’t break fully through the gums. Still others see them push healthy adjacent teeth out of alignment. Once in, wisdom teeth can continue to create problems. They’re notoriously difficult to maintain, making them prone to decay. Led by a renowned surgeon, our team has helped many patients overcome the complications of wisdom teeth. This type of oral surgery is more complex than a standard extraction, so we generally provide IV sedation or another anesthetic. After they’re removed, wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced.

After Your Tooth Extraction

After having a tooth removed, you can improve healing by providing some extra care for your mouth. On the first day after an extraction, you can help control bleeding by biting down firmly on gauze. The pressure helps to form a blood clot. However, if you are having a lot of bleeding, you can also bite on a tea bag. The acid in the tea also aids in forming a blood clot. Placing an ice pack on your cheek near the extraction site may help to reduce swelling and can be applied for ten-minute intervals as needed. After 12 hours, you can rinse up to four times a day with one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water. Be sure to rinse very gently. You could dislodge the blood clot if not careful. For the first 24 hours, it is best to limit your activities to avoid heaving lifting or aerobic activity. Be sure to get enough sleep and elevate your head slightly when lying down. Eat a soft diet for the first couple of days and be sure to drink plenty of liquids. We’ll review these recommendations and more after your surgery to ensure you leave feeling prepared and relieved that your tooth pain is finally gone!

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